There is no doubt about it. To this day, Adobe Photoshop remains the best and most powerful photo editing software in the market. With its numerous features and capabilities Photoshop lets you do almost anything. You can retouch your photos, edit almost anything to look like something else, create graphics, and a whole lot more. However, unless you’ve been taught how to use it, Photoshop can be quite a difficult photo-editing software to use and it is also quite expensive. But did you know there are free alternatives to Photoshop? Yes you heard that right. There are actually free open-source software that have essentially the same features of Photoshop. So if you don’t have the formal Photoshop training or if you don’t have cash to burn for a monthly subscription read on below.
Hailed as the “free Photoshop”, GIMP which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free photo-editing software you can install on your PC or Mac. It has features that are on-par with that of Photoshop. With powerful editing and retouching capabilities, GIMP is perfect for those who can’t afford or are unwilling to pay a ton of cash for Photoshop. And in comparison to Photoshop, it is quite easy to use.
Originally created as a replacement for MS Paint, Paint.NET is a very simple and user-friendly photo editing software. It is capable of layers, plugins, and filters and has an “infinite undo” command that will help you out when you make mistakes when editing an image. Although it has fewer features than other photo-editing software, Paint.NET is still quite a good photo editor as well as very simple to use.
Pixlr is a web browser-based photo editing tool you can use both online and offline. It has essentially the same basic features that Photoshop has. All you need to do is to load your image and then you can edit as much as you want. It is also available to download as an app for Android and iOS devices. And the best thing is that it’s absolutely free.
Even though it is littered with ads and is only capable of editing JPEG and PNG files, Sumopaint’s free version is a good editing tool and has similar features to both Pixlr and Photoshop.
Although it might look like a very basic photo-editor, PhotoScape actually has a lot of features including image merging and splitting, conversion, GIF making, and slideshow creation.
Do you know any other free photo editing software? Tell us below!

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