The Urban Dictionary for a Bubble Butt is “a woman who has a perfect, round ass like a globe which usually complement a slender or slim body.” We won’t argue with that logic since everyone loves a girl with a bubble-butt. But some things are best described by an image, not in words. That’s why these best GIFS of bubble butt women do all of the talking. In a sexy and hot animated GIF image of a woman with a perfectly round ass, no words are necessary.

This is a perfect example of an amazing bubble butt.

Most girls that have a bubble butt or a perfect ass, know it. Chances are someone has told them or let them know when they walk down the street. Not once or twice, but hundreds of times. Some of these girls are all too happy to show the rest of the world their perfect and round ass. That may explain why there are so many sexy GIFS of women showing off their butts online.

The recent explosion of Twerking has only served to increase the amount of GIFS of bubble butt women on the internet. The sexually provocative dance primarily focuses on a woman’s movement of her ass. The entire time her ass is gyrating and moving in all directions, the camera recording it captures every move.

This girl takes the prize when it comes to bubble butt women. Perfectly round ass!

A vast amount of girls wishing to show off their huge and perfectly round asses go even further. These women put on a thong or real skimpy shorts and then do the Twerk dance. As they move their asses along with the rhythm of the song they dance to, the movement is caught on video forever. The beauty of an animated GIF image of a girl’s bubble butt is that it doesn’t require much space. Whether it is to save it, upload it, share it or view it, an animated GIF image loads up right away. There is no doubt that bubble butts and GIF images are the perfect combination.

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